Jewelry crafted in Iceland from the finest materials available


Jolaórói-2015a Jolaórói-2015a



  • Dúka Kringlu og Smáralind
  • Epal Kringlu, Skeifu og Laugarvegi
  • Hrím Kringlu og Laugarvegi
  • Kraum Laugarvegi


  • Palóma Grindavík
  • Blómsturvellir Hellissandi
  • Verslunin Hlín Hvammstanga
  • Kalli Úr Selfossi


  • Klassík Egilsstaðir
  • Húsgagnaval Höfn Hornafirði
  • Geisli Vestmannaeyjum
  • Hárstofa Sigríðar Reyðarfirði


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The four Landvættir are regarded as the protectors of the four quarters of Iceland: The Dragon in the northeast, the Griffin in the northwest, the Bull in the southwest, and the Giant in the southeast. The four Landvættir of Iceland are depicted on the Icelandic coat of arms and on the obverse of the Icelandic króna coin.

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Cone vase


Snow is the beauty of the North, which creeps slowly across the land, dangerous and at the same time full of beauty and light.

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Icelandic folk tales are full of all kinds of creatures such as  elves, trolls, fairies and ghosts . If one is present in Icelandic nature when it gets dark, one can see the country come alive.



To go back and forth in search of the perfect form takes time and patience, but will always pay off in the end.

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Engagement is one of those moments where people go all out  to create for their loved one the most beautiful moment possible, with the perfect place, time and of course RING.

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Wedding is one of the holiest moments in people’s lives, where two people choose to share their lives, start a family and include each other in all things good or bad.

wedding-1 wedding-2 wedding-3

About NOX

Nox is a new company owned by goldsmith and jewelry designer Jóhannes Ottósson. Jóhannes is a goldsmith from Copenhagen and jewelery designer from Florence. Nox makes jewelry for people with high standards. The jewelry is made with only high quality metals, high-quality products and beautiful handcraft.



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